Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Button & Drop Glass Beads Bracelet

By Cathy
Do you have some decorative buttons in your stash that you don’t know what to do with? Turn them into a bracelet!

Skill: Basic stringing, crimping
Tools: Crimp pliers, Clamp
Materials for 7 ½” bracelet:
  • 3 – 18mm Shank Buttons
  • 56 – 5mm Drop Beads
  • 8 – 6mm Faceted Beads
  • 6 – 7mm Oval Beads
  • 2 – 1 foot lengths of .014 Soft Touch Beading Wire
  • 2 Sterling Silver 2x2mm crimps
  • 1 Sterling Silver Toggle

Clamp the two wires together at one end.
String on one faceted bead.
Separate the wires and string 7 drop beads on each wire.
String both wires through a 6mm faceted bead, pushing against the drop beads already on the wire to compress and fan them out.
Then string on one oval bead, one button, one oval bead and one faceted bead.
Again separate the wires and string 7 drop beads on each wire.
Then string on another series: faceted, oval, button, oval, faceted.
Separate the wires and add drop beads.
Continue with this sequence until you have used all the beads.
Thread the 2 wires through the crimp and the toggle, then crimp.
Do the same thing at the other end, checking for fit and making sure the bracelet forms a circle.
Make the bracelet smaller by adding fewer drops in each section or add drops to each section if you need it longer.
Wear & enjoy!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Macrame Hemp Fun Summertime Anklet

By Kris

Supply List:
Hemp Card 4 colors - $3.95 (enough material for 4 to 6 anklets)
Bead - Large Hole Bead approx $1.25

Here is a quick and easy summertime project to show off those bare ankles. A hemp ankle bracelet using one simple knot repeated over and over again. This will create a spiral effect that looks a more complicated than it really is.

To get started you will need 2 pieces of hemp or cord.

One will be used for the inside of the ankle bracelet, this will be your base. It should be about six inches longer than the finished piece. You will double that number for the total length to allow for the loop on one end and knot clasp on the other end. (You will use loose strands at end to tie to loop for finish as clasp.)

The second piece should be 7 to 8 times the total length of the finished piece. You will need a lot of length for the knot tieing.

Now that you have your hemp cut put both pieces together, double it in half, and tie a knot to form a 1/2" loop.

The next step will be the forming of the knots. Fold right strands (green) over base strands (pink), and under the left strand (other green) (Figure green).

Bring left strand (other green) under base strands (pink) then up over right strand (first green)

Tighten into knot.

Just repeat this step until desired length adding beads if you would like.

When you have it as long as needed just tie all strands together to form one knot (Figure 4).


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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Three Strand Sterling Chain Bracelet

By Ginny

Sterling silver is a chameleon. The finish can be brilliantly shiny or given a dark patina. The surface can be smooth, brushed, or embellished. This project uses brightly polished chain, sterling beads in a traditional “squash blossom” shape, and a toggle clasp joined together with wire wraps. This is a quick project that has a rich look. It can be adapted to your own style using Swarovski crystals, glass beads, or gemstone beads.

Wire wrapping is one of the most popular classes at Beads Amore. The technique allows you to make chains, links, earrings, pendants, and embellishments. For a photograph see: Primer to wire working . Check the schedule online, or pick up a printed schedule in either store. All our beading.

Skill: Wire Wrapping

Tools: Chain nose pliers, round nose pliers

Materials: for 7 ½ inch Bracelet(fits average 6- 6 ¼ inch wrist)

  • 14 inches of sterling

  • silver chain

  • 4 – 8mm fluted sterling beads

  • 1 toggle clasp22 gauge

  • German Jewelry Wire

After measuring your wrist and allowing for any differences in wrist size or bead chosen, cut the chain in 9 equal pieces.

As pictured, cut the pieces one and one half inches long. (Since you are cutting links away, you will need about to allow one half inch more chain)Making a small loop, attach the first bead to the toggle clasp with a wire wrap.

At the other side of the bead, make a larger loop on which 3 strands of chain will move easily after the wrap is closed.

Continue in this fashion, adding two more beads wire wrapped with large loops, and two more sets of chains.

Wire wrap the fourth bead with a large loop one the chain end, and a small loop to which the other end of the toggle is attached.

Your bracelet is complete.

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