Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Polymer Clay Snow Man Pendant or Pin



  • Sculpey Clay

  • Whipped Cream

  • After Midnight

  • Pomegranate

  • Clover


  • Acrylic Clay Roller

  • Clay Knife

  • Pasta Machine

  • Baking Rack (pie Tin OK)

  • Clay Baking Oven (home oven OK)

  • Piercing Pin

How to:

Soften one block of Whipped Cream clay either by hand or with the pasta machine.
Roll to ¼” thick circle with clay roller.
Flatten top end of circle.
This is the head of the snowman.

Soften one block of After Midnight clay.
Roll a small amount into a rope that extends about ¼’ on each side when placed on top of face.
Use remainder to form top of hat, creating a flared rectangle.

Soften ½ block of Pomegranate.
Pinch off three small balls for holly on hat.
Roll into a rope and cut to width of bottom of hat top.
Place between brim and top.

Soften ½ block of Clover.
Form two triangles of clay into leaves using knife to make leaf lines.
Place leaves on hat just above red band and to the right side of hat.
Cluster red berry balls just below leaves.
Press in gently.

Roll two green elongated balls and place them on each side of head to make his earmufffs.
Mix remaining red with an equal amount of white and blend it together to make pink for cheeks.
Roll small balls and flatten.
Place on face one on either side.

Roll small balls of black and place above cheeks for eyes.

Slightly larger balls are used for mouth.

Use an elongated pinch of clay for nose.

Insert piercing pin from bottom through top to make a hole for head pin.

Place on baking tray and bake at 260 for 30 minutes.

Twist to remove piercing pin and inset head pin and make a loop for pendant.

Or glue on pin attachemnt to back.

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